Sponsored Charity Donations

Your much-needed support helps Barcelona Women’s Network’s purpose in giving back to the
community through financial contributions, volunteer-work and fundraising.
We work with a variety of local organizations which focus on women’s and children’s interests.
Our 2021-2022 BWN-sponsored charity is:


Lligam Dona is a Barcelona-based non-profit that offers accommodation and training services to women who find themselves at risk of falling through society’s cracks. They offer interventions to address immediate needs, then also provide career assistance to foster self-reliance, and advocate for a more equal society for women and mothers.

Donate to the BWN sponsored charities via bank transfer:

BWN banks with “La Caixa”.
Account Number: IBAN ES88 2100 3002 0122 0034 0210
Account Name: Barcelona Women’s Network
Reference 1: Your name must be included, especially if different from person making payment
Reference 2: BWN Charity Donation

*It is very important to write your full name and the phrase “BWN Charity Donation” on the reference lines

Thank you for your donation!